The cameras can be installed in different locations to provide a 360-degree view of your premises


Optomac offers network solutions from designing to deployment and implementation.


Optomac offer the professional installation of cables in a building.

Computer & laptop service

Optomac is a reputed IT company as well as a leading laptop and computer supplier in Dubai.

Door Access System

With our electronic access control components, you can lower your security threats.

PABX Telephone System

IP PBX is a technology that is widely used in the telecommunication industry. It is also known as IP-based private branch exchange or IP-PBX.
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Our specialist skills and knowledge make a GUARANTEED difference to the value of YOUR organisation’s end products and services. Our cutting-edge capabilities and tailored offerings can give you a disruptive advantage in your industry as your packaged value proposition can amount to something far superior to that which you could develop on your own. Our capabilities and amenities are at a far better price than if you were to look elsewhere or have developed internally.
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